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Traffic is the hottest topic on the internet.

There are two approaches to drive traffic to your online store in 2021:

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

You can easily buy traffic with paid marketing!

But the problem isn’t traffic.


The problem is in attracting targeted traffic; which is ready to open wallet for your products on your store!

Website visits don’t grow your store but target visits will grow it. Don’t try to waste your time and money on just driving random website visitors on your website instead be clear about your ideal prospects.

Let’s discuss how can you attract…

Do you know the reason that why a lot of people get low sales?

It is not that they aren’t spending much on paid ads…

There is a whole system behind getting targeted traffic online and warming up your audience for recurring hot sales.

Most of your sales are just hidden in customer retention.

Here’s a hard fact for you to recognize:

Only 2.86% of eCommerce website visits convert into a purchase. (Invesp)

If you’re still relying on cold sales, you’re never going to scale your E-commerce website to the next stage.

So, now the question remains…

How can you…

This is one of the really important questions when it comes to the long-term success of any business.

Your target customer should be understood by you properly in order to sell your offers.

So the question remains:

How can you understand the psychology of your buyers?

Before you even create your product, you should conduct a deep research of your target customers.

You need to understand your customer before you sell anything.

In order to understand your customer you need to be aware of both the geological and psychological characteristics of your ideal customers.

The first and one of the…

Are you frustrated that why people aren’t buying?

Looking at your huge traffic and confused why just a small number of people put a product in the cart?

The reason might be that your website has a leakage.

Yeah, you read it right.

The low number of conversions on your website only means that your website doesn’t make people go crazy about your products. And people just bounce back from your website!

How to be sure about the leakage of your website?


  • Your products are good
  • You get a good amount of traffic on your website
  • Your paid ads…

How to sell online in 2021?

Before you start selling online in 2021 💰.

You need to figure out, your target audience.

Before you go any further.

I need you to answer the following questions below:

Who are the people going to purchase from you?

What are you trying to sell?

Why should someone purchase from you?

Take your time to go through each question, and you will find out all the answers to building a profitable eCommerce business.

Now, let's go deeper into the process of selling online:

  1. Determine your Target Audience:

If you're going to sell online. The…

Sales is one of the craziest topic around the internet!

Everybody is talking about selling but no one is really talking about the art of building great relationships with your customers.

Selling, here and there, will never grow your brand to the new heights.

You need to have a proper strategy to connect with your existing customers and make them happy and satisfied with your brand.

Repeat customers are the key to more sales!

No matter, how much you spend on ads; if you don’t build an audience then you might be flushing your cash down your toilet.

Even if…

Why 2021 is the year for your eCommerce business?

If you’re a eCommerce business owner then you might have been really excited to begin this new year.

You might have set aside a few major goals for your business.

If you’re really motivated to accelerate your business growth this year, then you might even be willing to push harder on your paid ads.

You might already be running ads to your website. Do you believe the fall in the conversions of your ads? …


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