Why 2021 is the year for your eCommerce business?

If you’re a eCommerce business owner then you might have been really excited to begin this new year.

You might have set aside a few major goals for your business.

If you’re really motivated to accelerate your business growth this year, then you might even be willing to push harder on your paid ads.

You might already be running ads to your website. Do you believe the fall in the conversions of your ads? Return on ads has dramatically decreased for eCommerce stores due to rapid rise of ad spending by other competitors.

Unfortunately, the results you are experiencing right now don’t match your expectations.

Your competitors and all the other eCommerce stores are pushing harder to their market pie. Everyone is in a race to touch the sky by fueling their ads with hard cash. While, some get results others are still confused about the rising costs of advertising.

Is it really worth it for you to run ads?

Paid advertising like any other source of lead acquisition is the most efficient way to capture sales. On the other hand, the competition in advertisement has really affected the businesses severely. Which means ads can’t be the only solution for you to scale your revenue.

If you solely depend on paid ads then you might be only getting one time sales for your business. And the reality is that you can’t scale your business; if you only stick to one time sales.

You need proper systems to retain existing customers…

If you really need sales and customers in 2021, then don’t rely on cold traffic (acquired through ads). It is hard to convince someone to buy your product with just a single ad-click. You need to at least run the same ad 7 times to your ideal customer to convert him/her into a paying customer.

Isn’t it really expensive?

Yes, it’s expensive to convert a cold customer to a sale. Therefore, you should focus on building a system to capture cold audience and convert them into hot customers.

You need a system to retain your existing customers for more sales and keep them attached with your brand.

The money is in the retention of existing customers.

If your marketing efforts aren’t properly optimized then you might be flushing your money in the toilet. Harsh reality!

You don’t need only one-time sales but an audience which can represent your brand. Your business shouldn’t be only a website showcasing your products. You also need to humanly connection with your new, existing and upcoming customers.

Therefore, you need to build a following on social media. The most important social media platform for your business in 2021 is Instagram.

If your brand isn’t on Instagram then you might be risking your brand awareness. You might be missing a lot of pockets full of cash…

People buy from approachable and friendly brands. Don’t just build your following on Instagram but take the relationship to the next level by interacting with your followers.

If you have 10k followers on Instagram and you aren’t getting 100 sales each month from them, then you need to rethink your marketing strategies.

Every successful brand including Nike, Apple, and Samsung produces content which connect with people. While, other weak brands only share their products on Instagram.

The marketing should be focused on humans.

Your marketing efforts should be focused on building relations with your customers not on selling products.

Marketing is all about helping your customers finding right products for their needs.

If you need any help growing your sales organically.

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